ScanCombiflex 450 concrete grinders

The Scancombiflex 450 concrete grinders come in 2 versions. With powerful motors, its own weight of 160kg, excellent balance, low vibrations and the right torque, the Scancombiflex is powerful, yet very easy to work with for extended periods.

The SC 450 grinders are very easy to control, even a novice can control them without any training. No straining of any muscles is required to hold the machines, avoiding repetitive strain injuries. The operator will always be in control! It is so well designed and engineered that no “long handle” is required and that sets the whole Scancombiflex range apart from the competition. 

It fulfils all health and safety requirements making it an ideal machine for employers, flooring professionals and hire companies. Made by Scanmaskin of Sweden. Full metal construction without plastics. CE certified.

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3,838.006,269.00 Ex. VAT


 ScanCombiflex 450 concrete Grinders

Why you Should buy one!


You should buy the ScanCombiflex 450 concrete grinders because they are incredibly easy to work with!  And because You can work with them all day without feeling tired from “struggling” with a machine. People who bought them say “I love these machines, they are so easy to work with, no sore hands or wrists, no hip or back pains!”

Because you value your health or the health of your staff!

The ScanCombiflex 450 concrete floor grinders and polishers are health and safety proof. With the perfect balance between power, torque and the belt drive system the Scancombiflex grinders do not need physical strength to control and direct them. Even a child could hold these grinders in place.

The absence of having to strain muscles to control the grinders is an important factor in avoiding injury from repetitive movements. Add to that the low vibrations and you have a grinding machine that is designed to change hard work into light work.

What is more, the benefits mentioned above are the very reason that ScanCombiflex machines have a short handle. Long handles are needed to give the operator the power to control their grinders. Of course, the downside of long handles is that the machine needs more space, which restricts movement in confined spaces. Not so with the ScanCombiflex grinders, their short handles make it easier to work in small spaces.


ScanCombiflex 450 and 450NS what is the difference between the two?

The ScanCombiflex comes in 2 variations:

1. a single speed without water tank or

2. a variable speed and water tank included.

See below the table with the varying technical details:

 450 110 volt450 220 volt450NS 220 volt
motor1.5 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw
current20amp10amp12 amp
grinding speed875rpm750rpm500-1050rpm
grinding discs3x150mm or 3.6″3x150mm or 3.6″3x150mm or 3.6″
grinding width450mm or 17.5″450mm or 17.5″450mm or 17.5″
weight90kgs or 198lbs90kgs or 198lbs125kgs or 275lbs
water tankn/an/a18L