Scanmaskin 18 floor sander grinder

The Scanmaskin 18 is a versatile professional machine. Suitable for sanding wood, concrete and stone.

Triple head counter-rotating machine with 2.9 kw motor, 90kg with optional 25kg weight pack and variable speed.

The greatest feature of the SC 18, and all Scanmaskin Scancombiflex grinders, is the Easy control of the grinder. It reduces all strain on the operator’s body, making it safe to work with. And it makes one comply with Health and Safety regulations.

The easy operation increases productivity. 

4,600.00 Ex. VAT

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 Scanmaskin 18 floor sander grinder

Why you Should buy one!


You should buy the Scanmaskin 18 floor sander grinder because it is are incredibly easy to work with!  And because You can work with them all day without feeling tired from “struggling” with a machine. People who bought them say “I love these machines, they are so easy to work with, no sore hands or wrists, no hip or back pains!”

Scanmaskin 18 floor sander Because you value your health and the health of your staff!

The Scancombiflex 18 is health and safety proof. With the perfect balance between power, torque and the belt drive system the Scancombiflex grinders do not need physical strength to control and direct them. Even a child could hold these grinders in place.

The absence of having to strain muscles to control the grinders is an important factor in avoiding injury from repetitive movements. Add to that the low vibrations and you have a grinding machine that is designed to change hard work into light work.

What is more, the benefits mentioned above are the very reason that ScanCombiflex machines have a short handle. Long handles are needed to give the operator the power to control their grinders. Of course, the downside of long handles is that the machine needs more space, which restricts movement in confined spaces. Not so with the ScanCombiflex grinders, their short handles make it easier to work in small spaces.


Technical details

Voltage:110-120  V 1~ or  220-240 V 1~
Motor power:1,1 kW or 2,2 kW (1,4 hp / 2,9 hp)
Current:15 Amp or 12 Amp.
Frequency:50-60 Hz
Weight: 95 kg / 210 lbs. (grind unit 65 kg / 145 lbs. + handle 30 kg / 66 lbs.)
Grinding pressure:70 kg / 154 lbs
Grinding width:450 mm / 18”
Grinding speed:200-500 rpm or 300-750 rpm
Grinding disc:3 x 160 mm / 3 x 6,5”