World Series SD9000 Industrial Vacuum

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The unique advantages of the patented  World Series Scandust 9000 are:

  1. you can run 2 large grinders on the ONE ScanDust 9000 – think how this increases your profit margin!
  2. the SC 9000 has the build-in patented Pre-separator removing over 95% of dust that will never reach the filters! 
  3. Scanmaskin designed and engineered this large industrial vacuum to the same high standard as the world Series Grinders.
  4. it very much protects the health and well being of the operators on the floor, increasing their productivity and work experience.
  5. and your customers and other trades will become your best marketing assets because they see you care! Silicosis is no sinecure. 

World Series SD9000 patented industrial vacuum with build-in Pre-Separator

The Scanmaskin World Series SD9000  patented industrial  vacuum with build-in Pre-Separator is the answer to your prayers. Why?

Because this powerful industrial vacuum system effectively removes up to 99.995 percent of grinding dust from the work environment. How? 

The pre-separator takes care of 90 percent of dust particles. After that, the 32 Teflon coated 45 square foot sock filters, take out the bulk of the last 10 percent of dust. And the 2 Hepa 14 filters will take out the most harmful very fine dust particles leaving less than 0.005 % in the atmosphere. That is a whopping 99.995% dust prevented from contaminating the work environment.

And the Longopac dust collection system makes disposal of collected grinding dust safe and easy! First you Seal the part that holds the dust and then you cut if of from the Longopack. This system prevents any collected dust from re-entering the atmosphere. 

With the World Series SD 9000 industrial vacuum you can be at peace during any health and safety inspection. You invested in the best risk elimination solution.

For more facts about why health and safety matters read info under health and safety law implications.


What more is outstanding about the World Series SD9000 vacuum?

  • It can serve 2 World Series 32 concrete grinders  at the same time. This is Scanmaskins World Series biggest grinder.
  • It is the patented build in pre-separator that makes this possible.
  • The SD9000 electric version has a frequency control drive that allows variable power and speed control! Why is that important? Because when you don’t need all the power, for example when it is attached to a smaller grinder, you can reduce speed which increases machine life and reduces noise at the same time.
  • It has an alarm that warns when the filters need cleaning. This is done with the Jet Pulse filter cleaning system without having to open up any parts of the vacuum.
  • The Cyclone part can be lowered for easy transport.
  • It is 95% recyclable cable with adds to your environmental responsible reputation.
  • All World Series machines have been designed and build with extra emphasis on the ergonomics, quick servicing and maintenance. Every part can be accessed with ease for fast return to service.

The Scanmaskin World Series SD9000 industrial vacuum a smart, health and safety conscious investment that will last you for many years to come.

It allows you to join the “Grinding in the Fast Lane” crowd. 

Health and safety law implications.

The Scanmaskin World Series SD9000 industrial vacuum system is a life saver. It saves you, your staff and others affected by your operations, from inhaling the dreaded fine dust particles.

Actively preventing respiratory illnesses from developing.

Silicosis of the lungs is a deadly condition caused by inhaling fine dust particles generated by concrete abrasion. Fortunately it can be prevented. Starting with investing in high quality effective industrial vacuum system that removes fine dust from entering the work environment as the first line of defence.

Be pro-active and invest in a Scanmaskin SD9000 vacuum and you will never look back. Can you monetise the value of peace of mind, no stress about health problems from you and your staff? It is invaluable.

Compared to the value placed on protecting  health and life you’re investment into a Scanmaskin World Series SD9000 is nothing compared to the cost of litigation, compensation payments and possible criminal prosecution.

Health and safety law falls under criminal law

Did you know that under Irish and UK health and safety law, neglicence in health and safety matters is considered a criminal offense?

Would you risk a prison sentence for the sake a short term gain?

If a health and safety risk can be eliminated, the solution indicated in the risk assessment, must be implemented and it costing more money is not a valid defense for not making the investment!

Health and life can not be measured in money, they are not commodities.

So save yourself the devastating concesquences from exposing yourself to civil and criminal court cases. How?

Invest in the most effective way of  eliminating the risk or minimizing the risk.