World Series 28 Remote Control Concrete Grinder

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The World Series 28RC concrete grinder with its 28″ grinding path is the ideal floor grinder for small to large concrete floors. Because of its foot print it still moves through a standard wide door opening. But because of its well-balanced combination of weight, horsepower and torque, it can handle the most demanding jobs. The remote control increases productivity while at the same time protecting the health and safety of the operator. It is easy to move between locations with its electric self-drive propulsion. The World Series 28 RC takes the pain out of floor grinding. We call it the DreamMachine.

31,545.00 Ex. VAT

Why you should buy a Scanmaskin World Series 28 remote control Grinder!

Because the Scanmaskin World Series 28 Remote Control Grinder gives you all you need to work your magic on concrete and stone floors alike. And that for many happy years to come! No Fidgeting, hassle, irritating gimmicks, just pure unadulterated quality that makes you better, faster and more profitable at what you do! Quality designed, engineered and build in Sweden.


What are the outstanding features of the World Series 28 Remote Control Grinder?


Machine Weight 630 Kg

Grinding Pressure 367kg + 60 = 427kg

Motor power 11kw/15hp

Perfectly Tuned Torque maximising power delivery to the grinding heads from start to finish

Remote Control equals higher productivity and improved health and safety

Interactive intelligent display aids in diamond tool choice, monitors all machine vital functions in real timeĀ 

Self drive for transport and grinding

Adjustable speed during grinding and moving

Easy to tilt back for tool changes no muscle man required

Easy – Fast service access to grinding head, just remove three screws and you’re in.

Low maintenance intervals, change main cog belt after 5000 hours (5 years)

Compact machine with virtually all components made from cast alloy steel!

High quality build in Sweden! And more….

And it looks the part, making you look like the professional you are!

Scanmaskin =

Grinding in the Fast Lane!

World Series 28 Remote Control Grinder Specifications


World Series 28 specifications

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