ScanCombiflex 650 DSp concrete grinder & polisher

ScanCombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder

20,523.00 Ex. VAT

The ScanCombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder & polisher is a delight to work with. The perfect balanced power, torque and cog belt gives a low vibration grinding experience. This makes it very easy to steer and control this 320kg grinding machine without demanding a lot of physical input from the operator.

The low exertion demand and low vibrations generated by this concrete grinder result in a health and safety responsible work environment.  This preserves the strength and energy of the operator reducing repetitive strain related injuries. Which in turn has a positive effect on the productivity achieved.

The Scancombiflex 650DSP is an all-metal grinder with a long-lasting cog belt and low maintenance requirements. A joy to own and to work with for many productive years grinding and polishing.


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20,523.00 Ex. VAT

The Scancombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder & polisher is so easy to use and control!

The ScanCombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder & polisher is a medium to large-sized machine. The outstanding success of the Scancombiflex range floor grinders has derived from the EASE of controlling these professional floor grinding machines. Even the uninitiated can control ScanCombiflex machines without the machine taking them for a “ride.”

The Scanmaskin engineers developed a machine that is robust, stable and with very low vibrations even when grinding or polishing at high speed. This facilitates an easy to steer concrete grinder that is safe to work with, even with little training or experience. Whereas many grinding machines tend to demand a strong pair of hands to control them, the ScanCombiflex 650, fitted with its famous cog belt, remains stable during all grinding procedures on any type of surface.

The patented drive system with a double-sided cog belt and gear ring does not only add to the stability and low vibrations of the machine. They also allow for a controlled transfer of power to the grinding heads through their excellent power and torque. This allows the grinder to start up and operate, even on the most resistant surfaces, without depending solely on ever more powerful motors.

The interactive onboard computer and screen cost-saving benefits:

The DSP unit, a multi-functional on-board computer with the display unit, provides immediate information about the various functions of the grinder and the grinding process. Because of this DSP system, the operator gets instant live information about the grinders operating systems. This includes information about tools choice and tool wear.

The DSP unit helps the operator through its interactive function to choose the right grinding diamond tools or floor preparation tools. Which takes the guesswork out of deciding which type of tool or which hardness of the bonding agent to choose to deliver the optimal grinding and polishing result. And once the grinder is operating, the DSP screen gives feedback about the wear the tools are suffering.  Avoiding unnecessary wear of tools due to incorrect tool choices saves on labour and tool cost.

Scancombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder & polisher frame quality

Through careful design, with a focus on reliability and longevity, the Scanmaskin Scancombiflex 605 DSP  floor grinder & polishers are built with all metal parts. This makes the machines 100 percent part of sustainable production through recycling. Which of course reflects well on every Scancombiflex owner!!

The 100 percent metal components, carefully sourced in Sweden, are of the highest quality and guarantee a problem free long service life for the happy discerning professional. Let’s talk then about another reason that will make you happy to own a ScanCombiflex grinding machine?

Low maintenance requirements!

Maintenance requirements and intervals have a direct link to productivity and thus to profitability. Frequent and long maintenance periods translate to loss of income. So as a professional floor prep, grinding and polishing professional you would rightly desire a machine that is low on maintenance demands.

All Scanmaskin machines, including the ScanCombiflex series, are low maintenance.

Take for example the lifetime of the drive belt? How long or short is it? And how easy or difficult is the belt replacement operation? Can you change it yourself or do you need a service engineer?  What lifetime indication does a manufacturer give for the belt or belts on their machines?

The Scancombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder has a double-sided cog belt.  The double-sided cogs are important where effective high power transmission is required. The cog belt obviously cannot slip due to the “cogs” even when under high power strain!

Scanmaskin specifies a lifetime of 5000 operational hours for the cog belts in their machines, with a safety margin of up to 6000 hours. With other words, the replacement is required every 4 to 5 years based on active grinding hours. Or if you push it to the limit you may even get 6 years out of it. Compare that to any other brand and see where you have a great advantage with a ScanCombiflex grinding & polishing machine. All this means that in reality there is no reason to worry about the belt in your Scanmaskin grinder!

How significant a fact is that?  Without a doubt, belt replacements do pop up at the worst moments. Often because a belt starts slipping and can’t deliver enough power to the drive, or worse the belt snaps and that’s the end of it. But if you invest in a ScanCombiflex 650DSP concrete grinder, of which the belt cannot slip, remember it has cogs on both sides of the belt, neither do they stretch! Thus Scanmaskin belts will not overheat and very unlikely would snap within the 5000 hours lifetime indication, bar some major incident.  So give or take, after 5000 operational hours time, you need to book a belt replacement and if you book that in during a holiday break, there is no loss whatsoever. And it might well be that by then you are considering an upgrade so you would avoid any belt trouble whatsoever.

Besides the belt, there is a need to keep your machine clean and to follow the indications for greasing seals. And any responsible operator would have a to-do check-up list for machines under their control, something required under health and safety regulations in Ireland and the UK. Mostly that’s it for Scanmaskin maintenance requirements.

What if despite everything things go wrong? Then you get on the phone or email your Scanmaskin distributor and you will be given all the assistance needed to get you back grinding without delay. And there is nowadays the option to connect by Zoom or similar apps with no1equal or the engineers in Sweden for any advice and direction that may be needed to get your machine back grinding in the Fast Lane.

In conclusion: you buy a Scanmaskin, you buy a robust innovative grinder with a long trouble-free life. It will not let you down if you care for it, it’s like a dog that loves and protects and works tirelessly for its owner, provided the owner does the same for the dog!

But even when the owner does not care well for the dog, when needed the dog will still work without reserve for its owner. That is the attitude and loyalty of the Scanmaskin distributor and engineering  and service departments, they will not let you down.

What more can you wish for? Scanmaskin and no1equal there is no better combination.





ScanCombiflex 650 DSP concrete grinder & polisher

Technical details
Standard version1-phase version
Voltage: 400 V 3~Voltage: 230 V~
Motor power: 7,5 kWMotor power: 4 kW
Current: 16 Amp.Current: 16 Amp./ 30 Amp.
Frequency: 50-60 HzFrequency: 50-60 Hz
Grinding speed: 350-1100 rpmGrinding speed: 350-900 rpm
Grinding disc: 3 x 220 mm / 3 x 8,5”Grinding disc: 3 x 220 mm / 3 x 8,5”
Grinding width: 650 mm / 25,6”Grinding width: 650 mm / 25,6”
Weight: 320 kg / 705 lbs.Weight: 320 kg / 705 lbs.
Other: CE-markingOther: CE-marking