ScanCombiflex concrete floor grinders

Scanmaskin SC 650 with DSP screen medium sized grinder

The outstanding reputation of the Scanmaskin Scancombiflex concrete floor grinders is derived from the EASY handling and control of these professional floor grinding machine.

Effortless and safe grinding

Even the uninitiated can control ScanCombiflex floor grinding and polishing machines, without the machines taking them for a “ride.”

The Scanmaskin engineers developed a machine concept that gave birth to robust and stable grinding machines irrespective of the operating speed. This engineering concept created low vibrating and easy to steer concrete grinders, safe to work with even with little training or experience.

Whereas many grinding machines tend to need a strong pair of well trained hands to keep control over grinders, the ScanCombiflex concrete floor grinders, fitted with the famous cog belt, remains stable during all grinding procedures on any type of surface.

Innovative cog belt drive system

The patented drive system with double sided cog belt and gear ring do not only add to the stability and low vibrations of the machine. They also allow for a controlled transfer of power to the grinding heads through it’s excellent power and torque. This allows the grinder to start up and operate, even on the most resistant surfaces, without depending solely on ever more powerful motors and strong operators.

Created with health and safety in mind

Scanmaskin engineers created a range of grinding and polishing machines that were well ahead of their time by considering health and safety aspects that are now, decades later, demanded by health and safety laws and regulations.

Yes Scanmaskin Scancombiflex concrete grinders are machines you can rely on, safe, robust, innovative machines delivering many thousands of worry free operating hours. Get in contact now!

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