Klindex Wood floor sanders

Klindex Sanders superior planetary system

Machines for sanding all timber, wood or parquet floors. Made by Klindex Italy a high tech engineering company at the forefront of bringing new technology to the professional wood sander.

The planetary system with 3 satellites on a removable full metal gearbox improves enormously in production rates achieved and in the highest quality floor finish. The planetary system sands powerfully but without making deep impressions in the wood outperforming traditional drum and belt sanders.

The Klindex Timba and Kroma sanding machines deliver scratch free very level floor surfaces, ready for sealing, oiling or waxing. Klindex Floor sanders a must have for the wood floor sanding professional. Easy on the back, no marking of the floors, higher production rates, easy to operate and a dust free work environment.

Klindex Superior edge sanding

The Minitimba edge sander with two counter rotating heads delivers perfect finishing of edges. And you can stand up straight while sanding edges. No more working on your knees.

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