Klindex floor grinding polishing equipment

Klindex floor grinding polishing equipment for superior floor finishing. Designed and made in Italy. The professionals choice the world over. Superior quality machines and tools.

  • Diamond tools for grinding and polishing. For all natural stone types. Such as marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine etc.
  • Diamond tools for concrete polishing. Superconcrete tools. Polished concrete discs, pads.
  • Epoxy and polyester fillers. Polishing powders. Stukko tixo. Full stukko liquid. Stukko colour stick.
  • Sealers, concrete hardeners, concrete densifier. Stain removers etc.
  • Klindex gearbox driven floor grinding machines. Planetario. Vacuum dust extractors with self cleaning filters.
  • Metal bonded discs. Resin bonded discs. Bush hammering tools. Floor cleaning pads.
  • KGS Flexis pads with Ferrzon Technology.
  • Moerman floor Squeegees.