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Slate Veneer gallery

Slate Veneer gallery

Slate Veneer and Thin Stone gallery, natural stone veneer, is available in over twenty stone types each with their own texture and rich colour pallet. The Stone samples below are divided into two types of natural stone, Slate and Mica. All stone veneers are suitable for all kinds of application fields for interior and exterior use.

However keep in mind that Mica as a natural stone is stronger than natural slate. Because of this greater strength, Mica Stone, in addition to other applications, is the best option for use on floors.

Please see below the samples of two stone types and the various hues and complexions it is available in. Do keep in mind that Slate veneer is a natural stone and that the samples only give an impression of the naturally occurring variations in the stone and that each piece of this natural stone product is unique. Unique in appearance, no two pieces will be exactly the same. That is why Slate Veneer creates a truly unique experience in any setting inspiring awe in the observer.

Slate is characterised by its vibrant colors and flowery patterns. The application of Slate Veneer on floors will require a suitable sealer.

Slate Veneer colour chart

eco_ArkobalenoColore_1280 eco_Blanco eco_californiagold_1280 eco_Tan_1280 eco_moltorosa_1280 eco_rustique_1280 eco_Negro_1280 eco_TerraRosso_1280 falling leaves sample


Slate Veneer Mica Colour chart

The shiny quartzite surface originates from a high content of Mica. The surface is harder and not a smooth as slate. This material is especially suited as floor covering and generally it is very even in colour.


Mica colours m.argentoauro_1280 m.auro_1280 m.burningforest_1280 m.cobrenew_1280 m.dblack_1280 m.galaxyblack_1280 m.silvergrey_1280 mCobre_1280 micamare_1280 mverde_1280 mverdegris_1280