Klindex Velcro Pad holder

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Velcro Pad holder 140mm


Klindex Velcro pad holder

Klindex Velcro pad holder.  Available in soft and hard versions. The 140mm diameter will fit the Klindex Timba and Kroma wood sanders.

The velcro pad holder is needed to attach Klindex velcro backed sandpaper to the Timba and Kroma sanding machines. The use of velcro pad holders, with it hook and loop system, speeds up tool changes. It also simplifies work routines.

An other Klindex innovation. Designed and produced in Italy for the floor sanding professional.

  • Klindex wood sanding equipment revolutionises the floor sanding profession.
  • The Klindex planetary system does not mark the wood like a belt sander.
  • Working with the Klindex system is simple. One does not need more than basic instructions.
  • The operator works standing up straight reducing back strain.
  • The integral vacuum system removes dust from the work environment.
  • Protecting the health of the operator and bystanders alike.

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