Klindex Sanding Equipment

Klindex Sanding Equipment for the floor sanding professional.

Klindex Sanding Equipment for easy sanding of all wood types. Like the revolutionary Timba 3 in one machine. Or the Kroma and Unika sanders for sanding parquets and laminates. All Klindex sanders work with the planetary with 3 heads. The planetary drive is through thermo hardened steel gears. No breaking or slipping belts to worry about.

The Minitimba or UFO for effortless sanding of edges or confined spaces.

Klindex Vacuums systems for dust control.

Klindex sanding tools and accessories

High quality Sand paper, mesh, antique brushes, carborundum rings, tytan rings and other tools and accessories for the Klindex sanding machines. Top quality products that deliver the best possible finish on any type of wood floor. From hard to soft wood.

Klindex innovation

Klindex Sanding Equipment, like the Timba, is easy on the operator. The innovative planetary sanding system relegates the drum and belt sanders to the scrap yard. The Timba provides high production rates. Without marking the wood like other type sanders do. Pure innovation from Klindex Italy world renowned for its belt less equipment.

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