Slate Lite Classic

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 Slate Lite Classic pattern and colour charts

Slate Lite Classic Flexible slate veneer is a “lite” and flexible with a real natural slate stone surface. The environmentally-friendly production yields many layers of the most beautiful slate-blocks available world-wide. Each sheet produced is unique and has the same look and feel of the original block.

Slate veneer is literally peeled of a rock. The resin backing is poured on a block of slate. And when hard it is peeled off taking a layer of stone with it.

The backing of natural materials makes it easy to cut and glue the material onto many surfaces. The application to furniture allows for easy application. Even around edges or on curved surfaces.

Slate Lite Classic brings true innovation and bespoke creation to interior and exterior design. Don’t forget, no two pieces of Slate Lite Eco Stone will be the same. Slate veneer, designed and made by the forces of nature. Truly unique.

See sample charts below.

Slate Lite Classic, Eco Stone and Slate Lite Translucent all need to be protected with a suitable sealer according to the application field.

All Slate Lite Classic patterns are sold in standard size sheets of 1220×610 mm or 0.7442 m². (1.3438 sheets =1 m²). Larger sized sheets of 240x120cm are available on request.

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                                                                                                                                                      Slate Lite Classic – pattern & colour chart


the three samples shown for each colour show the unique variety per stone sheet within the one colour:

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Slate Lite Classic Mica – pattern & colour chart

The shiny quartzite surface originates from a high content of Mica. The Slate Lite Classic Mica surface is harder and not a smooth as slate. This material is, among many other applications, very suited for use as an innovative floor covering.

the three samples shown for each colour show the unique variety per stone sheet within the one colour:

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