Klindex Concrete hardener

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Klindex Concrete hardener

Klindex concrete hardener are special products. It improves the hardness and quality of new and old concrete. Excellent also for Terrazzo and any agglomerate floor. Concrete hardener reacts with the salt in cement. Available in three versions based on different chemicals. K10, K35 and Lithium based hardeners.

This increases the hardness or density of concrete.That why it is also referred to as a concrete densifier. It makes the concrete floor more resistant to abrasion. It also aids in protecting against oils. Or greases and other contaminating agents. Also called Beton hardener.

Concrete hardener is normally applied after completing the grinding stages. But before starting polishing grit 400. Once the hardener has cured it has closed tiny holes. This will increase the gloss level during polishing.

Klindex Concrete hardener is available in the following types:

K10: Sodium potassium based hardener for concrete – beton. 

K35: sodium Silicate based concrete hardener.

Lithium:  Potassium based hardener for concrete – beton. 

Links to Technical data sheets:

K10 TDS: http://www.klindexsupport.it/ds/Beton_Hardener_K10_ENG_DS.pdf

K35 TDS: http://www.klindexsupport.it/ds/Beton_Hardener_K35_ENG_DS.pdf

Lithium TDS: http://www.klindexsupport.it/ds/Beton_Hardner_Lithium_ENG_DS.pdf

Links to MSDs sheets:

K10 MSDS sheet: http://www.klindexsupport.it/msds/Beton_Hardener_K10_ENG_MSDS.pdf

K35 MSDS sheet: http://www.klindexsupport.it/msds/Beton_Hardener_K35_ENG_MSDS.pdf

Lithium MSDS sheet: http://www.klindexsupport.it/msds/Beton_Hardener_Lithium_ENG_MSDS.pdf

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