Beton Skudo nano technology polished concrete sealer

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Beton Skudo nano technology polished concrete sealer

Beton Skudo nano technology polished concrete sealer. It’s formula acts very differently, to any two-component (2K) or silicone based sealer. Skudo does not create a “plastic film” on the surface it is applied to. For example, Beton Skudo protects and waterproofs surfaces by deeply penetrating the pores of its substrates. A high quality Klindex of Italy product.

How nano technology works?

Instead of sealing pores, nanoparticles “coat them”. This makes sure that water or other corroding factors are effectively repelled by chemical forces. In this manner, the substrate is deeply protected. As a reuslt the substrate is not affected by abrasion or mechanical wear.

How long can nanoparticles last?

As nanoparticles do not form polymer chains, Beton Skudo nano technology polished concrete sealer modified surfaces can last longer. Even after eight years they exhibit 95% of their original activity and functionality. Beton Skudo modified surfaces are more resistant to the “hard” part of solar light (UV radiation). Which prevents yellowing of the surface.

Beton Skudo nano technology polished concrete sealer

 Key Benefits:

• Most Effective & Nano Based
• High Breathability
• Not Film Forming, Invisible
• Long Lasting & UV Resistant
• Easy Application on Surface or mixed in mortar                                                                                                          • Water based                                                                                                                                                                          • Environmentally friendly                                                                                                                                                   • Cost Effective


• Walls & Basements
• Rooftop Water-proofing
• Render & Stucco Protection                                                                                                                                              • Mould Growth Prevention
• Efflorescence Prevention
• Tile Grout Sealing
• Negative Pressure Relief
• Rising Damp Protection
• Cracking prevention
• Paint primer

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