Beton Grout Crack repair

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Price includes: 1kg Catalyser, 1kg Resin, 1kg Bubbles.


Beton Grout Crack repair

Beton Grout crack repair is the system developed by Klindex to repair damaged concrete surfaces, to fill up big holes and cracks even deep cracks. The polished concrete contractors solution for repairing damaged concrete. Once the grout has hardened it will be excellently polishable with diamond tools.

An easy to use and fast repair product for damaged concrete, terrazzo and natural stone. A must have product for the professional polished concrete floor contractor. It sets fast minimising delays in grinding and polishing operations.

The system consist of three products: BETON GROUT CATALYZER, BETON GROUT RESIN and micro spheres of GLASS BUBBLES.

The main characteristics of BETON GROUT are:

a)The micro spheres which keeps inert and workable in order to perfectly close the area to be repaired.
b)The resin is expansive allowing to smooth and polish.

Beton Grout & Crack Repair is a two-component PU filler for filling or smoothing concrete. One layer up to 15 mm to 30 mm layers. Fiber- reinforced and very fast curing. Suitable for exterior and interior. Extremely durable surface filler.

Filling of small pores and low and cracks. frost after setting No staining is, original color again. Gives back the original structure of the floor covering in color and aggregate. Sandable after 20 – 25 minutes – about 12 hours after final curing.

Suitable for extreme conditions, such as forklifts or high traffic load. Expenses for maintenance and cleaning are minimized significantly. A concrete surface processed with the Beton Grout & Crack Repair is resistant to strong oils, many acids Cleaning agents, alkali solvents.

For sealing joints, repairing concrete surfaces, broken stair edges. Is the basis for a perfect polish Beton Grout & Crack Repair treated surfaces are also resistant to UV radiation.

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