Colloidal Concrete Densifier Hardener


Finish fresh concrete & dry shake floors faster & better during casting & power trowel operation.



Colloidal Concrete Densifier Hardener by Concria™ . Trowel Hard is superior quality colloidal Nano silica densifier and hardener that makes concrete floor finishing easier, faster and delivers a better concrete finish.

Concria Trowel Hard is also suitable as a superior concrete densifier and hardener for existing concrete surfaces. Easy and fast application during a grinding and polishing process.  No after clean up required does not leave residue on the surface. Excellent densifier for stabilizing and hardening soft concrete!

Superior because it is a Colloidal pure silica densifier and hardener that can penetrate deeply into the concrete, up to 10mm. The chemical reaction triggered will densify and harden the concrete, not just at the surface, but deep into the slab creating a superior concrete floor.


The end of “adding” water with Colloidal Concrete Densifier Hardener


Applied during floating and trowelling, Trowel Hard lubricates the surface, increases cream for a better finish, slows surface drying and premature set, and eliminates the need for additional water. Because it slows moisture loss, the workability time extends even when the enemies of fresh concrete are playing havoc with the freshly poured concrete. Wind, high heat, sun, or low humidity, all are enemies of the concreter. Concria Trowel Hard will finally give you the solution to overcome challenging circumstances.


No more cracking, crazing and reducing efflorescence


Using Concria™ Trowel Hard as a finishing aid, this nano-sized technology creates a barrier that minimizes water evaporation. Which ultimately eliminates volume loss, cracking and curling. This highly reduces the potential for efflorescence, crazing and other drying-related surface issues.

Applying Concria Trowel Hard when floating, makes cement hydration more efficient, making more cement paste available for the finisher. The well-hydrated, dense cement paste slows moisture loss during finishing and permanently improves slab performance.

Colloidal Concrete Densifier Hardener by Concria is once and for all!

The surface which is treated with Colloidal Trowel Hard Densifier during the casting doesn’t need any silicate (Lithium, Sodium, Potassium) treatment later. This is a huge time saver for example during concrete polishing projects.

Colloidal Trowel Hard concrete hardener becomes a permanent part of the slab. Because of this, one never needs to remove it! Nor can one remove it!  Curing time is effectively extended by reducing water vapour transmission through the slab. The improved surface consolidation and densifying reaction increase compressive strength and wear resistance. This in turn increases the durability of the concrete floor.

And it can be mechanically polished from low to very high reflective concrete floor surfaces. Which in turn eliminates the need for applying any floor coatings or covering materials resulting in considerable savings.

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Concria Colloidal Concrete hardener and densifier

Concria Trowel Hard Colloidal Concrete Densifier and Hardener penetrates deep into the concrete. Does not need cleaning up once applied.

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