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Klindex Polishing powders creams are among the best polishing powders for Marble, Granite, Travertine and other natural stone. With little effort and the right equipment Klindex polishing powders produce high quality gloss on all types of natural stone, engineered stone and Porcelain and Ceramic tiles.

Klindex Polishing powders are the go to choice for the professional floor restore and maintenance professional the world over. 

Klindex polishing powders creams excellent for Cleaning

They also are an excellent chemical for daily cleaning of hard surfaces. Cleans quickly and polishes a wide range of surfaces including marbles, granites, ceramics, porcelain and glass surfaces. The fine abrasive powders(to be mixed with water) to remove fungus, soap scum build-up and embedded stains in grouting immediately. This product is suitable for use in kitchens, restaurants, shopping mall, and all type of stone surfaces, whether with honed or rough surface textures.

Instruction for use:

Spread a small quantity of POLISH on the floor (about 100 gr) and add some water. By using Discolux or a white disc on a normal rotary machine, make a cream like yogurt and work until the gloss comes out. Add some POLISH and water from time to time. At the end of work, carefully wash with water by using a white disc. When the floor is dry, buff with white pad or Discolux.

For instructions on matching the right powder to the right marble or other stone see the TDS links below:

Technical data sheets for different polishes:

 colour powder:

 Green powder:

 Gres powder:

 Grey powder:

 KG Clear powder:

 KG powder:

 KMT powder:

 KP80 powder:

 KP85 powder:

 KP92 cream:

 KP92 powder:

 Palladiana powder:

 Stairs powder:

For daily maintenance we recommend Stone Soap see link below:

Klindex Stone Soap

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KP85, kP80, KMT, Grey, KP92, Color, Palladiana, KG, Gres, KP92cream