Beton filler

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Beton filler

Beton Filler is a product developed for grouting and filling up small holes and superficial cracks of the concrete floor.

Fast to use because it is applied with a grinding machine fitted with diamond disc grit 100. Mixed with the dust created during the grinding operation it will get a similar colour as the original surface.

It is compatible with Beton Color Dye. Supplied in 6×1 litres. 

Stable and fast filler

Beton Filler due to its special composition creates a very stable high strength bond in combination with mineral inert substances.
By the addition of modified polyurethane resin it provides highly stable and planar filling properties. By careful grinding, while spraying Beton filler on the surface, the micro holes can be successfully filled. Once dried and the mud removed, this provides and excellent surface for further diamond polishing.

Improves Health and Safety conditions

Professionally applied the filler can can save a considerable amount of time compared to other filling methods. Repairing a concrete floor without the use of hand tools. No strain on your back or knees from bending over or being on your knees. Just let the grinding machine do the work.

Consult the Technical data sheet for further instructions. See link below.


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