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Sodium silicate concrete hardener densifier

Sodium silicate concrete hardener densifier from Fast-Grind is a concentrated sodium silicate used for hardening cement based surfaces. Essential product in Polished concrete systems.

Fast Densify densifier sodium silicate concrete hardener makes a chemical reaction with the lime in cured concrete. The lime or calcium is expelled in to tiny air pockets during concrete curing. The chemical reaction fills the air pockets making the concrete denser and harder. The increased hardness of the concrete makes it an excellent base for creating high gloss polished concrete finishes. It also reduces the porosity of the concrete. This makes Fast Densify also act as a base sealer against staining.

Sodium silicate concrete hardener densifier advantages:

  • harder and denser surface
  • base repellent against staining from liquids
  • stops concrete dusting
  • aids in reducing static discharges from the polished surface
  • aids in creating an easy to maintain polished concrete surface
  • aids in providing an easy to clean concrete floor

How to use

  • Spray on the concrete surface,
  • agitate with mop,
  • remove after 45 minutes with water and scrubber drier unit
  • continue with next polishing grit or buff

Packaging: 25L container.

Consumption: average of 5 square meter/1L  (depends on the porosity of the surface)


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