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The FAST-GRIND Frame is as you can see in the sample product picture above. The frame is available as:

  • 3 x  9″ heads needs 3 diamond discs per grit
  • 3 x 14″ heads needs 3 diamond discs per grit
  • 4 x 14″ heads needs 4 diamond discs per grit
  • 5 x 14″ heads needs 5 diamond discs per grit

Nine inch frames are best suited for smaller power trowel machines used for edging and smaller sized floors.

The frame is made up of two parts: 

  1. the connector, this needs to be welded to the float pan that fits your power float equipment.
  2. the Fast-Grind Frame, this fits around the connector holding the frame in place. 

How many frames do you need to order?

  • On single power trowels you need to order one frame.
  • On ride on power trowels you will need to order two frames.

Note: please make sure that you use float pans that are the correct size for your type and brand of machine. Sizes tend to vary between different machine brands. Float pans are not supplied by Fast-Grind.

How to change the tools on the Frame?

Changing the diamond tools between grits is done with ease:

  1. Slightly lift the machine and pull the frame from under the machine.
  2. Change the tools.
  3. Lift the machine and push the frame underneath the connector.
  4. Lower the machine in place. Off you go again.


See the video for a demo:



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Fast-Grind FRAME

3 x 9", 4 x 9", 4 x 14", 5 x 14"