Fast-Grind Diamond discs for polished concrete floors

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FAST-GRIND Diamond discs

Fast-grind diamond discs for polished concrete floors. High quality results, Long Life, Low Cost concrete floor polishing tools. Lowest cost per square meter on the market. Highest production rates in excess of 1000 square meter a day.

Diamond discs to fit the following equipment:

  1. Power Trowel machines with the Fast-Grind Frame
  2. High Speed burnishers with high floor pressure with Velcro attachment

Recommended use:

  • Use on power trowelled or polished concrete floors
  • Make sure concrete is clean and free of bolts or other rough things
  • Use WET up to 400 grit, use DRY for 800 gritt
  • Densify concrete after grit size 120 with FAST-DENSIFY Sodium or Lithium
  • Use diamond pads grit 1800 and BUFF to create high gloss
  • Protect floor from water and stains with FAST-PROTECT

Advantages / Benefits

  • Exceptional grinding and polishing speed for large to very large surfaces working on almost every type of concrete.
  • Highly flexible system to create maximum floor contact
  • Heavy duty system with maximum lifetime and minimum cost per m2
  • Excellent tooling life giving the lowest cost per m2 for a cream polishing system on the market.

Available Fast-Grind Diamond tool color code and sizes for WET use only:

  1.  GREY         50 grit  size 9″/ 230mm – 14″/355mm
  2.  ORANGE  80 grit  size 9″/ 230mm – 14″/355mm
  3.  BLACK     120 grit  size 9″/ 230mm – 14″/355mm
  4.  BLUE       200 grit  size 9″/ 230mm – 14″/355mm
  5.  RED         400 grit   size 9″/ 230mm -14″/355mm

Available Diamond tool color code and sizes for DRY use only:

  •  WHITE   800 grit   size 9″/ 230mm – 14″/355mm

Fast-Grind diamond discs for polished concrete floors, what do you need to achieve the finish you desire? See diagrams below:

Fast-Grind Basic  matte/satin look Finish diamond tool set:

Fast-Grind Basic finish tool set


Fast-Grind Plus Gloss Finish diamond tools set:

Fast Grind PLus diamond tool requirements


Fast-Grind Pro High Gloss Finish diamond tool set:

Fast-Grind Pro diamond tool set

Fast-Grind diamond discs for polished concrete floors Packaging options:

  • By the piece
  • Boxed by 3 pieces
  • Boxed by 4 pieces

Additional information

Choose Diamond tool size

9"/233mm, 14"/355mm

Choose GRIT size DRY

50 grey, 80 orange, 120 black, 200 blue, 400 red, 800 white WET