Triple K cleaning machine polishing equipment clean floors

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Triple K cleaning machine polishing equipment clean floors

Triple K cleaning machine polishing equipment clean floors with Klindex floor equipment. The Triple K has 3 17″ heads, each head driven by a 1500 watt motor. And it operates on 220/240volts. The oscillating movement of the heads make for very easy operator control. Unlike standard rotary floor machines the Triple K is easy to control without the need for lengthy training periods. This makes cleaning operations much easier to schedule. Even inexperienced staff can handle the Triple K safely after a short induction training.

The introduction of the Triple K floor cleaner into the cleaning machines in your company is the wisest decision you can make. It improves worker safety due to it’s impressive handling simplicity. The Triple K reduces stress on the operators body, no force is needed to control and direct the machine. The orbital movement of the heads keeps the Triple K stable with no danger of it over powering the operator. 

At the same time it allows 1 operator to accomplish the same productivity as 3 operators. This potentially reduces your payroll cost by up to two thirds compared to a single discs cleaning machine. Innovative cleaning machines, like the Klindex Triple K, allow the astute business manager to increase their profit margins considerably.

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Triple K cleaning machine polishing equipment clean floors

Some Triple K benefits:

  • Lower operator cost
  • Higher operator production rate
  • Lower operator fatigue over longer work periods
  • Simple risk assessment
  • Simple health and safety provisions
  • Multifunctional cleaning machine
  • Near Silent operation
  • Super quality floor cleaner and polisher

Various tasks Triple K can successfully handle:

  • floor scrubbing
  • floor polishing or buffing with variable speed
  • Diamond polishing of marble floors
  • Polished concrete finishing
  • Crystallisation of stone floors is performed effortlessly
  • Safe Confined spaces cleaning


Technical specifications of Triple K cleaning machine:



Motor Watt max







80-170 rpm

Working Width

3×430 mm (3×17”)

Water Tank

18 Lt.

Dimensions LxAxP cm

123x132x100 (working position)

70x132x100 (storage position)


155 Kg


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