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FAST-GRIND fastest lowest cost concrete polishing




Why you should start using the Fast-Grind system!

The FAST-GRIND fastest lowest cost concrete polishing system revolutionises the concrete polishing industry. It overcomes the slow speed of the traditional grind and polish equipment. With the use of Power Trowel machines, ride on and walk behind versions, Fast Grind can complete in one day up to 2000 square meters of an 8 step polishing cycle! That is more that 6 times the production rate of large traditional equipment.

That is why you should start to use Fast-Grind! It has enormous earning potential for the contractor. And it can save the customer a lot of hassle and money. This lowers the threshold for potential customers to commit to polished concrete floor finishing as the best solution in almost any industry or services enterprise.

    1. Fast-Grind fastest lowest cost concrete polishing


    1. Shortest interruption of production


    1. Fastest access to production floor area


    1. Lowest cost per square meter up to 2000 square meter a day viable depending on variables


    1. Superior long lasting floor finish


  1. Choose your desired finish from basic to “salt and pepper” finish with gloss up to grit 8000(high-gloss)

See the video for a demo:

plus enjoy all the standard benefits of a polished concrete floor:

  • no dust,
  • no static discharges,
  • no tire marks,
  • high slip resistance,
  • easy, lowest cost cleaning,
  • easy, lowest cost maintenance requirements,
  • no remove and replace cycles ever!

FAST-GRIND fastest lowest cost concrete polishing

The Fast-Grind system provides the lowest cost per square meter compared to any epoxy, dry shake, urethane or other coating, scarifying, milling or traditional grind and polish systems.

Cost are the lowest through the innovative adaption of ride on and walk behind power trowel machines. Providing outstanding floor finishes faster than with any traditional grind and polish system.

Power Trowel machine cost are multiple times lower compared to other machinery traditionally used to finish concrete floors. Weight is an imporant factor in traditional grinding machines. Power Trowel ride on machine have a weight that equals or surpasses traditional grinders.

Power Trowels also have high rotational speed. This adds to their effectiveness in delivering high quality polishing results on concrete surfaces. Effectiveness that is maximised by the specially designed FAST-GRIND grind and Polishing Diamond pads. Delivering long life making the Fast Grind tools of superior quality and low in cost.

Be it grinders polishers, scarifiers, shot blasting, milling they all cost a lot more while their production rates are up to 10 times lower compared to the Fast-Grind system.