DA Metal bond diamond floor preparation grinding tools

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DA Metal bond diamond floor preparation grinding tools

DA Metal bond diamond floor preparation grinding tools for medium abrasive concrete. Made by Klindex in Italy. High quality metal bond diamonds for fast exposing of aggregate, levelling of concrete floor.

The metal bond is tuned to work best on medium abrasive or  “softer” concrete. Properly matched it provides excellent grinding performance. And a long service life.

DA Metal bond diamond floor preparation grinding tools

DA metal bond diamond tools are available in 4 grits: 20 – 40 – 70 – 140.

DA00 grit 20 is for very aggressive grinding leaves deep scratch patterns follow with grit 40

DA0 grit 40 is for aggressive grinding to remove scratches from DA00 or exposing of aggregate and floor levelling .

DA1 grit 70 is for grinding to remove scratches from DA0 and smoothing of floor surface

DA2 grit 140 for removing scratches previous grit and prepares floor for polishing with resin bonded discs.


How to measure concrete hardness?

Option 1: Use a Mohrs picks tool set. This allows you to determine the concrete hardness by attempting to make scratches in the surface. Hardness can be measured by the tool that leaves a mark. Basically by a process of elimination. Option one is probably the most exact way.

Option 2: Start grinding with series CS0 for standard concrete. Monitor careful how the CS0 wears. If it wears to quick try DA series. Or if no wear is visible try tools for hard concrete. This can be more effective by using a Caliper. Measure tool thickness before and after. This will indicate speed of wear. 

When DA is not effective use DT series

When DT is not effective use DD series

For Abrasive concrete use series CA

For Very Abrasive concrete uses series CF. Also suitable for grinding Asphalt or Tarmacadam.

For “green concrete” soft and very abrasive use TCD series

For hard concrete use series CD

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