Trowel Hard Colloidal concrete densifier


Trowel Hard Colloidal concrete densifier is the Ultimate Nano Silica densifier, hardener and dust proofer. Because colloidal silica penetrates deep into concrete surfaces. As a result, it chemically reacts with more of the concrete matrix producing an extremely dense and durable concrete floor.


For the Concrete finisher Trowel hard is a blessing. Spray Trowel hard when you are using your power float or power trowel even in adverse weather conditions, such as wind, sunshine and hi temperatures. In such conditions Trowel Hard will extend workability time without compromising the quality of the concrete surface as would be the case with using water.

When you work on fresh concrete or a dry shake product Trowel Hard will make your life easier and in return you will deliver a hard concrete surface ready for further treatment 7 days after you finished the floor.

Trowel Hard Colloidal concrete densifier

is the latest technology concrete densifier, fine-tuned to make the polished concrete professional and the Concreter’s life a lot easier. How?

It reacts with the concrete very fast and penetrates deep into the slab. Keep it wet for 20 minutes, remove excess, if any, and leave to cure. And when the Densifier has been absorbed into the concrete you can start grinding and polishing. No clean up required!





  • Reduces concrete dusting creating safer work and living environments
  • The hardening and dust-proofing process is extremely fast, outperforming other Densifiers. No need to wait 12 hours or more until the chemical process is complete.
  • Provides better abrasion resistance than conventional hardeners



  • Easy, one-step application. No scrubbing or rinsing is needed saving on time and labour cost.
  • No scrubbing. No flushing. No caustic wastewater.
  • Apply to broom finished, steel trowel or power trowel or burnished concrete finishes.


Polish Hard XL concrete hardener helps to save the earth’s environment

  • Contributes to LEED®points
  • Water-based, no VOCs


  • A floor that has been ground polished and treated with the Polish Hard densifier will be easy to clean and maintain because it created a dense and smooth surface that is difficult for dirt to stick to.

Concrete Hardener Densifier Polish Hard XL is your best option for problem-free polished concrete surfaces.

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Trowel Hard Colloidal concrete densifier

is a pure nano Silica densifier for concrete hardening. Because of its nanoparticles, it penetrates deeper and faster into the concrete with a very short reaction time compared to other concrete densifier products.


  • Use on fresh concrete or existing concrete
  • Improve and extend fresh concrete workability 
  • Beat adverse weather like wind, direct sunshine, hot weather
  • No need to add water in adverse conditions
  • Shorten the curing period from 4 weeks to 2 weeks or less.

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