Slate Lite Translucent gallery


Slate-Lite Translucent is an extraordinary design product. The incredible translucence of the stone can create an eye catching thrill almost anywhere.  Slate-Lite Translucent has all properties of classic Slate-Lite but, due to its transparent backing, can be backlit.

Without light the Translucent Slate-Lite appears as a solid stone panel, but once it is backlit a beautiful warm light shines through creating a stunning eye catching display of unrivalled beauty.

Please see below the colour effects from backlit Slate Lite Translucent.



The shine in the stone type shown below originates from a high content of mica. The surface is harder and not as smooth as slate. This material is especially suitable, among other applications, as a floor covering. Generally it is very even in color and surface.

Please see below the colour effects from Mica Translucent.