Slate lite commercial flexible thin slate veneer pictures lite commercial flexible thin slate veneer pictures below will give you an excellent impression of what is possible with the use of Slate Veneer in a wide variety of application fields. Slate Veneer for interior and exterior use alike. You will see stunning bespoke interior use, facade cladding, restaurant design, office design, shop design and much more. Enjoy the experience!

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Slate veneer is available in different sizes:

  • sheet 122 x 61cm
  • sheet 240 x 120cm
  • other sizes available on special order.

Slate veneer is available on three unique ways:

  • Very thin veneer with fleece backing this is ultra fexible
  • Standard veneer with fibre resin flexible backing 
  • Translucent veneer with clear backing semi flexible

How to apply?

Slate veneer is very easy to work with, with the use of standard carpentry tools. Depending on the type of slate veneer you order and the nature of the usage area, it can be installed  with a variety of adhesives. It can also be ordered with an adhesive backing.

How to protect against stains and liquids:

High quality sealers for different purposes should be applied. The type of sealer depends on the kind of area it will be used in.