Accessories for grinding and polishing machines

Diamond based tools for any type of surface, be it concrete , marble, travertine, terrazzo, gres, granite, slate and other hard floor surfaces. Metal bonded grinding discs, resin bonded polishing discs, velcro backing pads, antique brushes, jumper discs, king conc pads, spring holder kits, bush-hammer kits, surface preparation tools, glue removal tools, resin removal tools, floor paint removal tools, Klindex easy kits, supershine discs, spongelux discs, floor pads, cleaning brushes, carpet cleaning brushes, steel brushes. polishing brushes, planetary gear boxes, Frankfurt plate, thermal disc, easy plate, multidisk, grouting disc, skraper tools, pavelux tools, carborundum tools, power float tools, power float diamond discs, power float polishing discs, polish copter tools, khassan series, diamond hand pads, Fikert series, Levigacoste series, Manettone series, velcro backed diamond discs, leopard series, klimber series, grimpeur series, pantera series, jumper universal series, cyclon series, jaguar series, grinding cup wheels, crack chaser discs, s delta diamond tools, winnex brushes, steel spies and many more grinding and polishing tools.

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